Monday, June 27, 2011

Small Joys

I was on a cleaning rampage yesterday afternoon, and then I saw it. . .

. . . someone had set up house before me.

In the under-oven drawer, in a 6 cup muffin tin, a little mouse, presumably clothed in an apron, feather duster in hand, had created an abode of her own.  I laid eyes on a neatly kept home: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.

After running out for mouse traps (for, while I find the whole thing cute, I still don't want to share my kitchen with cute mice in aprons), I set to work cleaning.  And, not one mouse, but two scattered; and I screamed. . . and we all took to the counters while the cat avoided the kitchen and we waited for Daddy to come home and save us.

But I realized, while sitting on my kitchen counter, waiting and watching, that there are small joys even in these little moments of chaos. . . and the every-day moments of chaos as well. . . that's where they're best found, actually. . . His gifts:

* The neatness and storybook-esqueness of a mouse house in a muffin tin.

* The shared panic after seeing a couple mice scurry around the kitchen.

* The personality of animals - not only does God take the time to create each person with a unique personality. . . He creates each animal with a unique personality as well.

* A quiet meal out.

* Kids running through a sprinkler.

* Lilies growing wild.

*Old keys, old paper, old handwriting.

* 8yo reading.

* Crying that makes 3yo's eyes look green.

* An evening alone.

* Cold dew on bare feet.

* A family doctor who's also a family friend.

* Chalk drawings on black top

* A pool, only just big enough. . . and cool enough.

* Lightening storm at night.

*A good rain for the garden.

* A good movie with the kids.

* A good, fun homemade meal.

* Late-night tdip in a cool pool after a hot, sticky day.

* Fireflies dancing in the corn fields.

* Early morning helping husband.

* Late-night sweaty 3yo, arms wrapped around my neck.

* Butter pecan ice cream.

* Pretty book from the library.

* Exhortation to down-grade the to-do lists and upgrade His Word.

* 3yo falling back to sleep.

* Miss Marple.

* Turn in affidavit - check.

* A husband who can answer the tough questions.

* Sweet, wild black raspberries.

* Clover-scented breeze.

* Itty-bitty baby watermelon just showing in my garden.

* First poppy blooms.

* Small bumblebees and butterflies.

* Boys, sticks, rocks and railroad tracks.

* Free apples.

* 5yo so excited to finally have his own library card and Summer Reading GO booklet.

* Our own cilantro at dinner.

* A generous husband who wants to help others. . . even when he sorta doesn't want to at all.

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