Monday, January 17, 2011

When Something Just Feels "Off"

We're technically half-way through the school year, and things just seem off.  We tried a homeschool co-op which was wonderful, but it just required more from me than I can give at this stage of motherhood; so we dropped that.  We've been sick most of the past few months which has put a bit of a damper on every single one of my homeschool plans.  I've entered January questioning everything.  What the ideal looks like in my brain is not matching up what reality is looking like in my home.  It's disappointing, in a way.  But, it is also a challenge to re-evaluate.

So, I find myself looking over parenting and homeschool ideas here - and I'm convicted and encouraged all at the same time.

And, I find myself pulling out "Big Three's" - the three things I feel I must accomplish each day, if I don't do anything else; the three things that are most important to my husband; the three things that I feel are my biggest strengths; and, the three things that are my biggest weaknesses.

And I will slowly come to find exactly what it is that our little homeschool needs.

The upheaval of the past few months will prove the refining fire of our schooling, burning off the expectations of others - the plans and methods and ideals of people I, oftentimes, don't even know - leaving behind myself and my family and what works for us.

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