Monday, January 31, 2011

What I Think Is Most Important - Part 2

  1. Praying with them and filling them with Scripture at least once a day.
  2. Getting outside with them for at least 30 minutes - EVERY day.
  3. Reading one book of each child's choosing to them at some point each day (a meager total of 4 picture books / chapters daily).
So, of course I pick the week when temps are in the 20's and we get a nice round of snow to work on spending 30 minutes outside with my kids every day.

And we did alright.

They did much better than I did.

My big hurdle was the weather, of course.  I can think of plenty of enjoyable outdoor activities for myself in spring, summer, and fall; but in the winter I, honestly, just want to cozy in a blanket by the window and watch the snow.

But I got out there (a few times) with them and scavenged for nature in the forms of dried seed pods and animal tracks, made ice art with them, went sledding with some friends, and built a snow fort of sorts.

Fresh air is good, and there is nothing healthier looking than pink, cold-nipped cheeks and noses beneath bright eyesWe're all pleasanter with eachother when we are outside - it's a fact.  The fresh air is good for us physically, emotionally, spiritually. . .  that's why I never argue when they want to stay outside longer.  School, chores. . . even meals can wait.  Next to time spent with God, I think time outside is definitely most important.

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