Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Then and Now of Romance

It was so easy to be romantic back then - creatively romantic, that is - before marriage, kids, responsibilities.  Little gestures like cleaning and organizing his room, having dinner at Waffle House every Tuesday night, walking along the river or the beach, giving little gifts that cost so little yet meant so much. . .

. . . like the taco and accompanying poem. . .

I kept it up for a while, but like affection for pets, exercise, and out-of-town travel, these romantic gestures I used to show him slowly fell by the way-side as we had one, two, three, four kids.

So, how do I begin to reclaim a little of that romance now?

I think it begins by recognizing how we've both grown and changed - how circumstances are not the same - how some of the same gestures and gifts would not mean as much now as they did then - how some resources are more limited now and others are more readily available.  The romance changes a bit. . .

. . . but reclaiming the romance also requires recognizing that no matter how we've both grown and changed, we both still want to know. . . we want to feel. . .  love, affection, devotion, acceptance, preferance, passion, romance.

I'm dedicating the next couple weeks to loving my husband - focusing my attention on it more than I have in quite a long time.  I'm beginning my days chosing just one simple way to show him love.  I'm ending my days thinking about what I most appreciate about the man I've decided to spend the rest of my life with.

Beginning with decision, ending with gratitude, and filling in the middle with love-in-action.

Finding lots of encouragement and good ideas at A Holy Experience, too.


  1. You will be abundantly blessed as you reclaim the romance in your heart. You are so right, it does change...into something more wonderful than you could have ever imagined because the two became one, plus the souls you created together.

  2. I followed you from Ann’s

    I think it’s amazing how you are deciding to be intentional about love.

    this is stunningly beautiful, “Beginning with decision, ending with gratitude, and filling in the middle with love-in-action.”

    I just prayed for your marriage (and your love intention) to be – all that you want it be, but even more, what God wants it to be. I heart marriage.

    Thank you for this.

    God Bless

  3. Beautiful post... Marriage is a wonderful, beautiful evolving thing...

  4. Yes, it is a changing process that has to be worked at. I need to focus my attention like that.