Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I Think Is Most Important - Part 3

We continue to pray and read short snippets of Scripture at meals.  We, even I (sometimes), keep getting out in that cold yard and enjoying a breath of fresh air and a chance to check out the wonders of God's creation every day.  This week our habit was reading, at the very least, one picture book or chapter per kid each day.

I know four picture books / chapters does not sound like a whole lot.  And some days, it isn't; and those days we do a lot more reading.  But there are many-a-day when it seems a stretch to even get this small minimum in.  Those days when kids or mom are sick or over-tired. . . those days when daddy has other plans for the family or we get an unexpected invitation. . . those days when dirty laundry starts to stage a coup or all our main living areas begin to look like they were hit by bombs. . . those are the days - and, in this season of motherhood, they are more often than not - that we do good to get our four-a-day in.

And we had a couple of those days this week - just one or two. 

And, honestly, it felt good to think through the day as I lay in bed at night and mentally check off prayer and Bible reading, 30 minutes outside, and 4 books.  I could then say to myself, "At the very least, you got these three most important things done." 

And then I could sleep.

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