Thursday, February 10, 2011

Less Doing; More Loving

Sandy Coughlin is giving away some goodies and prompting thoughts about love of the 1 Corinthians 13 kind over at The Reluctant Entertainer.  Be sure to go check it out!

In answer to her question, "What part of 1 Corinthians 13 captures your heart?"  I answered,

"The first three verses - I find myself busy, busy, busy trying to be a great wife, mom, homemaker. . .  But my attitude can really stink sometimes.  It doesn't take long for me to see the real state of my marriage, kids, and home.  I can be "doing it all," but if I'm doing it all without love - without a loving spirit - it is all for naught.  My family (and God) would rather have less of the doing and more of the loving."
Be sure to go on over and join in the conversation and grab a chance or two to win a great prize!

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