Monday, February 28, 2011

Gratitude - 4

22 - The freshly fallen blanket of white snow.  Sure, the warm weather was nice last week, but the white is simply beautiful.

23 - Getting out of the house as a family and NOT going to the doctor's or the ER.  And the fellowship is wonderful over chicken, warm stew, the most delicious salad ever and brownies.  :)

24 - Learning about the Word with other women at CBS.

25 - Smoothies, which instantly help my abused-by-rich-food-and-stress-eating belly.

26 - Kids sleeping in the family room together because we want to and not because their daddy's sick upstairs.

27 - Finding that favorite lost recipe.

28 - Getting back to church, again. . . remembering it's "fellowship lunch day". . . and having someone tell you it really doesn't matter that you forgot to bring what you signed up for and not to run out and get anything. . .

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