Monday, February 21, 2011

A Very Easy, Four Day President's Day Unit Study Focusing on the First Five Presidents (Elementary)

  • Read up on the first five U. S. Presidents in books from the library or on the internet.  Suggestion:  Don't Know Much About the Presidents by Kenneth Davis
  • Find the birthplaces of the first five U. S. Presidents on a map of the United States.  You may want to buy or print a special map to bring out for this purpose each year.
  • Begin a U. S. Presidents notebook.  Have the kids make up a separate page for each President, sketching or copying a picture of each President and writing down some facts and interesting information about each one.  These can begin very simply for younger children and become more in-depth for older children.
  • Read picture book biographies about one or two of the first five U. S. Presidents.  Suggestions:
  • Discuss the problems George Washington had with his teeth.  Suggestion:  George Washington's Teeth by Deborah Chandra.
  • Discuss proper oral hygiene and consider coming up with a 30-day chart to help the kids make a habit of good oral hygiene (including brushing a certain number of times a day or for a set time each time they brush or flossing or eating less sugar).
  • Plan and prepare a Presidential-themed meal based on the favorite foods of one or all of the first five U. S. Presidents.


  1. I am a teacher so I really appreciated your creative ideas in this post.

  2. Thanks. I make an attempt. :) Probably not overly professional. . . I've gone all-out in "lesson planning" for homeschool in the past and then just get discouraged when I can't get it all done. So, my goal for the year is to plan for less.