Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love. . .

It's been a dry couple months, marritally speaking.  On the surface, things look great; my husband has been thrilled with an increase in, er, "passion".  But inside - in me - its been dry and empty and lonely.  I've had a sense of loss of intimacy.  And, perhaps this is selfishness and spoiled-rottenness on my part; I'd venture to say it is.

When our attitudes stink, we turn to praising God - focusing on the blessing He gives in both good and bad. 

I decided to apply this same principle to my dry, empty, selfish heart.  I decided to remind myself of all the little things I love about the man I married.  Like. . .

I love that he pretended to be asleep while I crunched my way through the latter half of a crinkly bag Goldfish crackers.

I love watching TV with him. . . way too late at night.

I love his parents. . . really.

I love that he took me to dinner and a movie instead. . .

I love how he tries to figure me out. . .  Tries.

I love hugging him.

I love that he's learning to let me be me; and I'm trying to do the same for him.

And the list goes on - each day paying attention to why I love him, how I know he loves me, how God has blessed.  More gratitude.

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  1. so precious.

    I'm your newest follower :-)

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations