Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Easy, Four-Day, Valentine's Day / Gustav Klimt Unit Study (Elementary)

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

  • Read a non-fiction book about Gustav Klimt, paying particular attention to his choice of colors and use of shapes and patterns.  Suggestion:  Silver, Gold, and Precious Stones: Adventures in Art
  • Read a book about the use of color in art.
  • Have students decide what they want to make a picture of on Friday.  Have them choose some basic colors to make their picture with.  Have them look through old magazines, scrap paper. . . and take out sheets of the colors they've chosen.
  • Read a fun, picture book about Gustav Klimt.  Suggestion:  Klimt and His Cat by Berenice Capatti.
  • Read a book about the use of shapes in art.  Suggestion:  Shapes by Philip Yenawine.
  • Have students cut various shapes of various sizes from the papers they selected on Tuesday.
  • Discuss Gustav Klimt's homeland of Austria.  Find it on a map together - if you have printouts, have the students color in nation of Austria.
  • Have children draw a basic sketch for their picture.  Then, have them use their cut-out shapes, acrylic paints, and various small objects for pattern-making to color in their picture.

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