Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcoming ~ A Goal

"And he said, 'Come in, O blessed of the Lord!  Why do you stand outside?  For I have prepared the house and a place for the camels."
~Genesis 24:31
Every time she comes bearing little gifts for my children, she stands outside the front door to talk to me.  Not because she doesn't want to come in, but because I don't invite her.  We stand at the door in rain, shine, snow. . .  chatting.  I stand there knowing it's wrong - worrying that my house is a mess.

I'm called to more than front door conversations.  I'm called to welcome in.  And so, over this season of Lent, I plan to fast the things that keep me from my homemaking responsibilities, to pray for wisdom in running my household, and to take on acts of service - being a good steward of the things and people that God has blessed me with.

This week I hope to work on the places that welcome people in:  the front yard, the foyer, and the sitting area of the living room.  My plan is to remove from those areas anything that does not specifically work to welcome people; to clean in order to make people feel welcomed; to organize the coat closet and living room sitting area; and to add at least one special decorative, welcoming touch to each of those three areas - perhaps a wreath on the front door, a bench in the foyer, and some pillows in the living room.

I pray that my home will be a place that welcomes people in.

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