Monday, March 28, 2011

Gratitude 5

The house is always a mess on Monday - the weekend involves little time or desire to clean.  We'd all much rather play together.

This weekend was especially full - grandparents visiting, birthday partying, library hunting, and lots and lots of church luncheon cooking. . .

And I awoke this morning feeling overwhelmed and underqualified - under-equipped to handle the mess that comes with homeschooling four kids in a house I wish were a bit smaller just so there'd be less to maintain.

Counting blessings helps.  Helps to focus my heart and thoughts on the love and grace of God for us. . . in the midst of dirty laundry, dishes, and post-weekend clutter.

29.  Chatting with my mother-in-law. . . while the men-folk snore away.

30.  Home-made goodness (fresh-baked French and sandwich breads, homemade waffles hidden under vanilla ice-cream with homemade blueberry syrup and freshly whipped sweetened cream, my first lasagna ever - with rice noodles for my mother-in-law, and my grandma's crumb cake that we all love) and all the mess that comes with it.

31.  Music.

32.  A soothing, hot cup of chamomile tea with just a spoonful of honey.

33.  A trip with just one child to the library - quiet.

34.  The look, feel, and smell of ink on paper.

35.  White clouds scattered across a blue sky like cotton.

36.  Early morning snuggles with a barefoot 2yo in her yellow pajamas. . . and her lovey, Eebee, too.

37.  The discovery of how slowing down, and noticing the blessings, can give hope and courage to face the day - it even brings a sense of excitement - I wonder what little gifts the Lord will hide in this day.

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  1. It's wonderful to see the blessings, isn't it? Kind of changes the messes into smiles and memories. Sounds like the weekend was well worth any messes it left behind! My kind of household, for sure!