Monday, May 23, 2011

Subduing My Little Plot of the Earth

I sit on the ground and run my fingers through the dirt, sifting through chunks of sod, throwing the grass and roots to one side to create a nice plot in which to grow - to produce.  It's a small space, really; but, in it, I take a stab at subduing the earth.  I touch it, manipulate it, and attempt to make it bring forth food for my family.

And my heart quakes a bit as I nervously plan and survey my efforts.  I've neglected this mandate, and I'm such a green green-thumb.  Totally out of my element. . . I wonder if anything will grow.

I so want this to work - to not only provide my own family with fresh produce while saving some grocery money. . .  I want to help those in need - those families at my own church that I know could use some free veggies.  I want to offer the little I have. . .

. . . And that's it!  Fresh veggies from the garden sound delightful.  But what I really long for is to have something to give - however small - a mite of my own to put in the collection box - to hand over to God - to give to others.

And I want to do this with my children.  I want to teach them what it means to be a steward of all the Lord blesses you with. . . that good stewardship means taking the little blessing you have, making the most of it, and then giving it away.

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