Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoreau on Nesting ~ Gratitude 11

"There is some of the same fitness in a man's building his own house that there is in a bird's building its own nest.  Who knows but if men constructed their own dwellings with their own hands, and provided food for themselves and families simply and honestly enough, the poetic faculty would be universally developed, as birds universally sing when they are so engaged." ~ H. D. Thoreau
I'm so thankful to have a home to make and a family to nourish. . . Would that I let it keep me singing more than sighing.

200.  A morning thought.
201.  Drizzle.
202.  Collecting my thoughts.
203.  An answered prayer to be savored.
204.  Kids slurping spaghetti.
205.  Kids digging for worms.
206.  Finding burried treasure with a 4yo.
207.  Races in the back yard.
208.  Kisses and loves.
209.  Order in the midst of chaos. . . or is the other way around?
210.  Little arms tied around mine.
211.  Little Monets.
212.  A morning walk and the found empty robin's egg that now sits on my kitchen windowsill.

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  1. Beautiful list of the simplicity in life and God's abundant grace. Blessings to your day!